The technology behind vertical farming

Humanity has reached a tipping point that can no longer be ignored. Traditional farming practices are destroying the very thing that gives us the food we need to survive: SOIL.

But the future looks bright, and very green!

Vertical farming is one small piece of a very BIG puzzle.

Vertical farming will never replace traditional farming. Our goal is to reduce the massive load traditional farming is currently under. This patented process uses up to 98% less water, and requires ZERO toxic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

our technology

The process of aeroponics is based on allowing the root system to breath. In traditional farming the roots are buried in the soil, while in common hydroponics the roots sit in flowing water and are suspended in the air. In the patented process we use in Tower Farming, the roots are supplied with water and nutrients on a specific cycle, allowing for faster growth, healthier plants, better taste, and often higher nutrient content.

The Towers

The towers we use are constructed of the highest quality food grade materials available today. There are similar products on the market; but don’t be fooled by similarity. They are not the same. The towers we use have a life expectancy of fifteen plus years outside, in direct sunlight. In a controlled environment like ours, they can easily last more than twenty years.

True Garden, Arizona


Growing food with LEDs is not new, but the lights we use are state-of-the-art and possibly the highest quality horticulture lights available today. There are many factors in making that claim, but here are two: micromoles (which are complex and far too long to discuss here); and life expectancy. Most LED horticultural lights last five to ten years, with higher quality examples lasting fifteen. The Avici we use from RevolutionMicro have a life expectancy of more than thirty years.  


We have chosen these high-quality solutions to adhere to our vision of efficiency and environmental sustainability. We look forward to growing with you, saving the world, a little lettuce at a time.