Utilizing a process called aeroponics, we’re able to grow healthy, fresh produce in a cleaner, simpler and more efficient way. We do this year round.  This state-of-the-art technology is one of the changes needed for the future of our planet. Our process allows us to use 90% less land and up to 98% less water than traditional farming practices.


Larger Crops, Grown 3X Faster!

Using aeroponics, Tower Gardens grow plants with only water and nutrients, similar to hydroponics but with less space and even less water. Research has shown this process produces food 3x faster, and as much as 30% higher yields than traditional farming methods.

Conservation of Water and Space

As resources become more scarce, especially water, we must find ways of reducing our impact on the planet. Vertical farming is one large piece of that puzzle. Vertical farming saves on both space and water by utilizing compact designs and closed-loop systems.

Healthy, Nutrient-Rich Produce

In our growing process we do NOT use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and all our products are non-GMO. You could call our products beyond organic.

Local Sustainability

Did you know that much of the produce in Montreal is imported from California? By the time it is consumed, studies have shown the 4000km journey causes produce to lose as much as 50% of nutrients. Additionally, the environmental impact of transporting food this distance is severe.

We are growing food right here in the heart of the city…for Montrealers! This promotes the farm to table concept.  Likewise, it helps us maintain our vision of localization and our goal to feed our local communities nutrient dense food, while reducing our environmental impact.